At Bellazon Hair we offer a range of braids and protective styles to grow your natural hair. We strive to make our clients comfortable while offering the best services which is why our braiding styles are by appointment only. Our list ranges from Box Braids, Kinky Twists. Senegalese Twists, Corn Rows, Crochet Braids etc. Call for your appointment today.

Senegalese Twists – Also a protective style that offer flexibility. These have a limit on size but you can get them as long as you desire. This style last 1-3 months depending on client care and hair growth. Call for pricing.

BOX BRAIDS – These are a great for a protective style. These Individual braids can be done as small and long as desired. They can be worn in high ponytails and in many other ways. Lasts between 1-3 months depending on care and personal hair growth. Call for pricing as it depends on size and length.



We are located at 749 Park Avenue Cranston, RI and are dedicated to serving our customers. We take the time to learn new hair extension techniques and new hairstyles to serve you better. Our friendly and efficient staff will make you feel right at home while we will listen to what you want and tell you what you’re hair needs to keep it growing, healthy and beautiful. 


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