Weaves are extensions which are sewn in. There are many different styles you can get with a weave. We have 5 different techniques to achieve the look you want.


Full Weave – all hair is braided in a circular pattern  and extensions are sewn in to braids. This lasts 1 1/2-3 months depending on care and clients growth rate.

Cost- $125 and up

full weaves
full weaves

WEAVE WITH CLOSURE – (Sew in with Closure)
This is a method of full weave where all the hair is braided up and a closure is put on top where leave out would be. This is a great way to protect your natural hair because there is no hair left out. Style last 1 to 2 1/2 months.

Cost- $115 and up for 4 pieces

* We sell a variety of bundles and closures here 

weaves with closure

VIXEN SEW-IN – (sew in weave)

This method involves applying & dividing the hair extensions up into four sections This is not a protective style because your own natural hair is left out in many sections, but sew-in offers much versatility in hairstyles. Takes about two hours to install and lasts 1 to 2 months. 

Cost- $110

*We sell virgin hair that matches most hair textures for this style.

Weave with Invisible part – Hair is braided with a part for glued or sewn invisible part section. Hair is sewn then a small section is done for the invisible part. Lasts 1 1/2- 3 months. But part has to be redone 3-6 weeks after initial installation. 

Cost- $100

WEAVE – (Sew in extensions)

These types of extensions are sewn with a nylon thread to the braided base. Hair is left out on top to blend in with hair extensions. Hair could also be left around the perimeter for ponytails and Up dos. The style desired determines the braid pattern and time it will take. This method is good as a protective style as hair is braided under and put away. This method takes up 1 1/2 to 3 hrs and last 1-2 1/2 months.

Cost- $105

*We sell hair for this method. We have virgin hair from straight to Afro curl textures to match your natural hair texture.